Thank you for visiting the Malone for Congress website.  I have recently become a republican candidate for the 3rd District Congressional seat in Kansas. I am entering a race that is already crowded and according to the pundits has a clear front runner.  Your visit to this sight is important to me as my campaign is a grassroots outreach to the people of the 3RD district, Republicans, Independents and all registered voters.

We live in rapidly changing times. The increased availability and speed of receiving information presents an entirely new dimension to our lives never before experienced by man. We live in the Global Village envisioned by Marshall McLuhan more than 50 years ago.  Adapting to these changes presents a challenge for all.  As I made my decision to enter the race, I thought of a quote from Margaret Mead, a leading anthropologist of the 20th century, which I share with you now:  “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”  

I am a fourth Generation Kansan the grandson and Great grandson of European Immigrants who came to this land with dreams of a better life and in turn have enriched the lives of all Americans. I have lived in the third district for 15 years and I respect and admire the talent, ingenuity and tenacity of the people in it. You represent the best of America and together we can contribute at a high level to the restoration of an America which combines the best of our past with the opportunities of the future.

My Platform is Simple:  Pro Business, Pro Family, Pro Kansas, Pro Life

I have entered this race to give you my friends and neighbors an opportunity to vote for a person who will bring a fresh voice and a new perspective to Washington. Before my retirement I spent more than 30 years working in the Pharmaceutical industry with Marion Labs and successor companies.  I learned a great deal about the Art of leading, Motivating and Inspiring People to do their best from Ewing Marion Kauffman, who was surely one of the most prominent business leaders in Kansas City in the second half of the 20th century. I have visited most of the developed countries in Europe and spent a great deal of time in Japan.  I am a Kansan with a world view. In this election I offer you a choice. You can send my young opponent already schooled in the bureaucracy of state politics for more of the same or choose to send a fresh set of eyes to Washington with a long experience in improving complex business processes.  A person seasoned in the art of negotiation and influence. My leading opponent pledges energy and results. I will deliver efficiencies and improvements. 

Voters of the third District if you desire to send a man of courage to Washington who will stand against the forces who tickle our ears with nonsense as they work to “suppress the truth”; if you desire to send a representative to Washington who will stand against the dictatorship of relativism which denies objective truth and embraces a subjective morality then… Here I am, send me. 

I would be honored and humbled to serve as your congressman. Each of your votes is important to me. I cannot succeed without your support and the support of all those in your sphere of influence. I do not have a great deal of money and the time is short. People of the 3rd district we are truly the heart of “the Heart of America”. Please join with me now and Vote Malone Republican for 3rd District in the Primary on August 3rd.  Allow me the opportunity to be the voice of the 3rd Congressional district of Kansas …a voice which will bring a different kind of change to Washington. Let us, the 3rd District, the heart of “the Heart of America” lead in reclaiming the Spirit of our American Democracy.

Let us begin together to Renew, Restore, Reconcile and Revitalize America.

Please support me with your vote and encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same. Vote Malone on August 3rd.


Jerry M. Malone
Republican candidate for the 3rd District

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