Pro Business:

Government needs to work to provide an environment where businesses can thrive and work toward enabling the business community to provide the stimulus that results in a healthy economy.  Government should look to the business community as a resource in identifying improved methods of delivering cost efficient services in the public sector.  As your congressmen I will promote a value analysis of all government programs to determine if their continued existence is a benefit to their customer.  Non effective programs should no longer be funded. 

Pro Family:

The Family is the building block of a free society.  Without Healthy Families a democracy cannot endure.   Government should work toward enhancing and promoting  and rewarding the values and behaviors , which are essential to a free society.  It is within the family that we come to understand our role as Citizens.  Today over 45% of children are born out of wedlock.  We must challenge and persuade all people of good will to rediscover the value of Lifelong marriage and its contribution to the strength of our society. 

Pro Kansas:

The people of Kansas and most notably the people of the third district are well educated enterprising people with creativity and tenacity.  I am a strong proponent of development of the Bioscience Corridor from Columbia, Mo. to Manhattan, Kansas.  Kansans have an immense agricultural asset. We need to leverage that resource and contribute more to the USA and world economy.  As your congressman I will find new and more effective ways to leverage the business acumen of our district to benefit our region and all of America.

Pro Life:

 I believe in the essential uniqueness of every human person. This is what the people of the third District believe as well.  Our values and actions should flow from this belief. As your Congressmen I will stand to protect and defend all Citizens, especially the elderly, the handicapped, and the Citizens in the womb who have no voice of their own.

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